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I've been dating this guy for almost 5 months. We're exclusive with each other, we're very close, he spends almost every night with me and almost every second of every weekend. We're not in a relationship on facebook and I know to some guys that's not that big of a deal. I think it's cute and special and romantic and it matters to me. Do you think it's okay for me to ask him if we could put it on facebook that we're dating? I'm kind of scared he'll say no, do you have any advice for me if he does say no? That would make me feel like it's because there's girls on facebook that he doesn't want seeing it, you know? It would make me suspicious and paranoid. So I guess is that okay for me to ask and how should I handle the situation if he says no?


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  • Of course you are allowed to ask him that. And he is also allowed to reject that request without you being pissed off. Some people still value privacy and do consider it cute or romantic at all.

    If he currently has "single" on his status then I think it would be appropriate to remove that. Personally I have a blank status and always will. It has nothing to do with hiding or being ashamed. I just don't need the world to know about my personal life. Those people I care about would already know.

    How to handle a "no" ?
    Simply say: "Okay" and drop it.


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  • I mean you can ask him but it really depends if he likes his life private, speaking from a girls perspective when I had Facebook and in relationship I really didn't want all my life on social media and loved the fact that yes I could post pictures of us however it was only up to me and I like my life private period. If he says no, it could literally just be because he wants his life private. Doesn't mean he's hiding you


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  • I personally believe that the less people know about your relationship, the better it is for you. If he treats you good, calls/texts often, takes you out and is basically there for you then you dont need anymore proof of his love for you. You could put it to him and see what he thinks. However, if he says No then NO means NO, nothing you can do but go on living.

  • It depends how he feels about social media in the first place. Some guys are cool with that kind of thing whilst others find it unnecessary. Does he use social media a lot and post moments of you two together on other platforms, such as Instagram?

    • He doesn't have an instagram but he does go on facebook every day. He's never posted anything on my wall or tagged me in anything but he does like everything I post and every time i put up a photo he likes it and texts me and tells me i'm beautiful, it's not like he doesn't interact with me on facebook, but he's friends with so many beautiful girls and he always their pictures and posts too and it would just put me at ease sort of if he would put our relationship on facebook. He said he never looks at it a while ago and that he doesn't care, but if I care shouldn't he just change it for me since it's not a big deal to him? also thanks so much for answering :)

    • If he doesn't care, then I think it's ok to ask him to update the status. Perhaps Facebook is just a gateway to keep in touch as opposed to being something deep and meaningful in his life. However I wouldn't make a big thing out of it - it doesn't seem like he's hiding it, it just seems that he is comfortable with how things are. If you ask and he say's no, then I would perhaps leave it and just update your status and leave it at that.