What's a witty comeback/response to a guy who says would u be my girl?

He also said
Would u ever be my girl and start a life together? Dead all these haters and just go for it?

get married and have kids?

that's what he text me. I've known him for years because we went to elementary together. But we would talk once in a blue throughout throes years. We've been hating out the most that we ever have last year and yes having sex too... He's thrown out the marriage thing quite a few things asking me when are we getting married etc...


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  • I take it neither of you made Honor Roll.


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  • Let me get back to you on that in about 6 years.

  • "You can count on me to BE the hater"

  • This site is so sexist to men. The reverse question remained on site..

    Question Title: Why are so many women on this forum such whiny bitches?

    Question Details: Like complaining because men want equality and to be treated with respect. So many posts about men whining and posts insulting men who dump them or girls who nick their boyfriends. And complaints about sexism, there lot need to man up.


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