Are online-dating or online-relationship believable?


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  • I think people can be online daters. Maybe the meet someone somewhere else and can't make it to each other like they want. But if they have goals to meet and maybe live together soon I think it could work.

    But a big problem is the intimacy that people need to have on a regular basis that is the problem.

    • I think internet is possible way to make unknown people to connect each other, it is ok, need more genuiness to get know. But it is just platform, hope people be loved to deep emotion in reality if they want to be have good relationship.

    • I agree.

      Sometimes people put their best side forward on-line and not in person. Especially if they are very shy and nervous.

    • Yes, for some teenagers and people who are eager to love, they are easy to be hurted or mislead by online way. So people need more reponsibilies for their behavior about online love.


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  • Two co-workers of mine did online dating. One guy had mutiple dates each weekend. He eventually married one of the women and they seem to be doing fine. He was a widower and a well paid executive type but mot much of a looker. He had a great personality and his first wife was actually hot back in the day. His new wife is very nice and good looking as well.

    The other guy met a smoking hot divorcee. He is a great looking guy and an executive type. They were doing well but their personalities were different. She was still a party girl in her early 40s. She was a responsible person but very very extroverted and he was an introvert. They broke up but got back together at he behest. They eventually broke up again.

    My oldest son is dating a girl from online dating and so far so good with those two. They wouldn't have met otherwise.

    So the stories I have heard are good.

  • Usually, they aren't believable, nor are they sustainable.

    • I think maybe this type of dating needs more genuine and wisdom.

  • Yeah I would think so

    • Nice to know good cases here, maybe make people more positive for online dating!

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  • I think that meeting someone online is a decent method but relationships that purely stay online, not so much. For one, chatting with someone and thinking of them in a romantic way purely through electronic mediums wouldn't suffice in making things legitimate in my eyes.

    That's the ideal way to 'fall' for the idea of someone than how they are in reality. A disillusionment of sorts which is shown quite well in the movie 'Her':