Guys how many times per day do you think a girl should call, email and or text you?

Do men get annoyed with females who call, text or email endlessly through out a day? What does this spell out about the girls who do this endless communicating and how does it may you feel?


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  • I already have a rule when it comes to calling me on my cell. If it's work related then I pick up every time. If it is family or my girlfriend calling I don't pick up or return the call until after 6pm every day. The same goes for text messaging but I would rather talk directly than text back and forth. In the beginning of my relationship my girl would send me lots of emails a day. I had a talk with her because I rarely check my private email throughout the week, I usually leave it until the weekend. My private work email address is checked about 5 times a day but I only return messages to coworkers and again if it is only work related. As for my land line phone at my house I always have the answering machine answer it first.

    As for your question, I don't mind my girlfriend calling me all the time but I put the above rules in place so that when I am at work I can concentrate on what needs to get done before I leave for the day. I try to keep my work life separate from my personal life.

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      Excellent answer! I like that you set limits and boundaries. Everyone should set limits and boundaries if they did more relationships would last and not wreak so much havoc. Thank you for answering my question ..........I'm researching the over use/abuse of constant seems we have little privacy in the world and now that we live in a world so many forms of communication people who are in relationship are abusing our privacy and or space if you will.