Did I or he ruin it?

me and this guy were seeing eachother a couple a times a week and he never made it clear to me he wanted me to be his girlfriend or that he liked I thought it was all sex for him. He made it clear to me he wasn't sure about me and dating other women so I got pissed and lied im seeing another guy. He got annoyed and said he never wanted me anyways. I recently had contact and he seemed angry at me and turned it all around on me and said I almost made it but I was weak. I never told him it was a lie but he wouldn't believe me anywiays. Was I in the wrong or he?


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  • Why you want to settle this in a finale asking who was "right or wrong"? Things just happened this way, you are a lying, kniving, jealous, unstable girl and he doesn't know what he wants. Game over.

    • why am I jealous and unstable? he said I didn't know what I wanted instead he doesn't know what HE wants.

    • makes him a hypocrite, no? Are you stuck in that phase where you try to come up with as hateful things as you can about him?

    • Why unstable and all the other mean things I said? Well think about it, he said he wasn't sure at which point your vindictive instincts kicked in and then you thought it was an eye for an eye type of deal so you lied about something to Try and make him hurt or touched or grazed or whatever effect it was supposed to have aaaaand surprise surprise, then you started bickering like little children.

      Like I said, game over, learn something from this one or do the same mistakes again.

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  • To me I believe honesty is always the best policy as lies only hurt and truth always come out in the end which is why I believe in 100 percent honesty good bad or indifferent. That being said even if you'd tell him the truth now the damage has been done and while it is setting things straight whether he believes you or not now my own opinion would be you lied once would you do it again. Always be honest and truthful

  • He did

  • Drama both sides why would you tell him your seeing a guy if you wasnt?


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