How could you tell of your boyfriend or girlfriend liked you before you started dating?

Just a question, Maybe the restating of a question instead of just "how to attract your crush" or "WHAT do guys like" could lead to a more biased and detaild answer.


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  • Before my boyfriend asked me out, we'd known each other for two years, so we got to know each other's personalities really well (which I now personally feel is the way to go rather than rushing it). When I first met him, he seemed very drawn to me, he looked at me a lot and complimented me (those two are obvious signs) but I could tell with smaller things like how he would wonder how my day was, talk to me all the time, ask me to hang out, or just talk on the phone. He's not a very shy guy so i mean most of his signs were pretty noticeable. Just be confident and be yourself when it comes to guys because you never know who's personality might be the right match for you (:

  • I feel like all in all most people feel some sort of attractiveness towards most other people. For one reason or another. I think that a lot of the time you just have to put yourself out there and see what happens. It's hard to tell if they really do like you and the worst that will happen is they say no