Would you date and have sex with a plus size women? or is this just a fetish?

many guys who want to date me, and hint at wanting to have sex have all said how they love big girls and that's the only type of women they date. I want to know if I'm just a fetish, or if there's guys out there who can fall in love with a women's heart, personality and charisma, and be okay with a big woman, but not see it as a fetish or type. I don't judge other's by their appearance and have dated tall, short and overweight men. I'm a virgin still because I haven't felt comfortable being someone's fetish and want the first time to be real for me and him.


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  • Why not?
    Well I myself have a fetish for the woman who has a weak bladder, if you had one, I would date you of course.
    Then I like big woman...
    Do you think there is a conjunction between that big women hold the pee longer than little women?

  • for me it is more about there person (there are people that look for stuff like looks but there relationship will never work out.)


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