Girls, She says she likes me. Should I stop chasing her?

She says she likes me more than a friend. Yet she won't initiate any hangouts, she won't give me the time of day to see her, or anything. She will text me first but still, texting can only go so far.

Should I just stop chasing her even though she likes me? I guarentee there are 6 other dudes chasing her and trying to get with her. So her mind will be pre occupied with them while I just let go and leave.


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  • why not try asking her to hangout, yourself? sure, there might be other guys after her, but it's you she likes. She may just be waiting on you to make the first move

    • I've asked her out so many times both as a date and as friends and she always has a reason to get out of it.
      This last time she said she couldn't, and then told me "I'm sorry, this is not me blowing you off" yet I've been shut down by her a 100 times

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    • She texted me back a couple of days ago about a post on Facebook. She texted me twice and then stopped responding.. what the heck is that supposed to mean? This is getting old. She is playing too many games

    • I suggest maybe talking to her and saying you've asked her out on several dates and she keepings blowing you off and playing games and you don't think its fair, and that she knows you like her but if she doesn't like you back and doesn't want to date you, she should let you know. Be straight up with her


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  • There needs to be effort on both parts. So if she's not wanting to hang out, then I would stop. Like you said, texting only goes so far.

  • Stop texting her that much because you will end up being overbearing and pushy.