Why my boyfriend always want me to do things that I don't want?

He has hobbies and I am happy with that but he always want me to go watching him play football.
The last week he asked me to go to one of his matches and I don't like football but I went, it was for 3 hours and it was very boring for me.

Or when he goes surfing he likes me to wait for him at the beach for 2 or 3 hours while he is surfing.

And he is very sad when I say no. But I never ask him to go shopping with me or to go to parties with me. Why he does that? and Am I a bad girlfriend for not supporting his hobbies?


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  • He is quite selfish, and is probably not mature enough to date. He puts his own needs and preferences above everything else.


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  • bring your girls and make it a beach day.


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  • Well I mean you are supporting them if you are going, while partying to me isn't really a hobby lol. Maybe you guys can find common ground and do something you both enjoy. Or if you do have a hobby of some sort just ask him to tag along, I'm sure he would be there to support you because you go to his.