How do you go from being acquaintances with girls to being more?

I am acquaintances with about half a dozen girls that I'd consider dating, but I just dont know how to get further with them. I see them around campus almost every day, and I'll say hi to them, occasionally say a few more words but thats about it. What do I do to become closer then just acquaintances with them? If we aren't in any clubs or activities together and I just see her around, what do I do to jump out of the aquaintance zone?


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  • You start teasing/flirting with them. Honestly, it's not that difficult.

    • If it wasn't that difficult then I would have figured it out already and there wouldn't be entire sites online, such as GAG, dedicated to this particular topic. I wish it were easy, but if I go start flirting with a girl how do I know if I am doing it right? I could be flirting in my mind but to her I could just be being nice/weird. I dont even know what flirting is, and if you flirt with multiple girls that doesn't exactly look good. As I said, I have multiple girl acquaintances I am interested in, I can't pick 1 to go further with because I dont know them well enough to pick like that, and if I flirt with all of them then I'll look like a player, and could get multiple of them interested in me which in the end will result in a few very disappointed girls. I'd rather spare them that pain, I want to get to know them more so I can pick which one to date but I have no idea how to go about that.

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  • Just ask them for a date. That's it.

    • can't decide who to ask on a date, I dont know any of them well enough to pick one over the others. What do I do in that situation?