How do you flirt like a pro?

I am currently 14 and i met a cute latina girl with a nice booty. I thought to my self "daaannnmmm"... any way, I was doing somthing in class and she turned her back side arround to the front of my face and, lets just say the lord shined his light on me that moment... and she pulled up her pants more and with it came a great shake, that made that butt do what it was born to do. so long story short turns out she has a boy friend, and I currently feel like a ugly sack of shit, and I am woundering what do girls like more funny guys or flirty guys, so basicly what I am asking is how do I become funny and or flirty to get the pantys wet and or faster way to get a girl and I into the dating fase?


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  • Isn't flirting between 2 girls the same as with straight people? Just make her laugh, be calm, etc.

  • Are you lesbian?


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