How to make him comfortable?

So I met this guy and we vibe well off each other and have great conversation. So we had a conversation and he stated he's in no rush to jump into a relationship and he's looking for the right girl to start a relationship with. He's a virgin and dedicated to his Catholic faith. I just want some advice because to be honest I've always been in full speed ahead relationships and i want to know what's the best way to make sure I take this slow and at his pace. I don't want to make him uncomfortable. But how do I make sure not to become complacent as well always waiting for him to make the next move.(hope this makes sense!)


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  • That's all up to you. It may or may not be worth waiting for..

    • We are still getting to know each other. We are both looking for eventually something serious so to decide yes it's worth it is too early. But I'm not used to taking things slow.

    • I think he's at the moment is worth the effort but I'm not used to a guy not being yes or no but a we will see how it goes

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  • Don't be too pushy, allow him to have some time to breathe.


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