How much should I spend on a gift for my boyfriend on Valentine's day?

We've only been together for 2 months so I don't want to overdo it, but he means a lot to me.


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  • Bake some cookies or just buy his favorite candy or something else thoughtful. Men usually don't care about the cost of things.


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  • i dunno how about zero!

    • Really why?

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    • That is special! Eating with him together would be special. I mean why should he expects so much for one day.

    • I guarantee he would expect nothing. It's just me wanting to do something for him. I get what you're saying. Thanks. :)


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  • If i had a girl friend around valentines, i'd just want sex. maybe a steak. that's not that expensive.

    • Lol, steak and sex, ok. I was thinking about his favorite beer. The sex is obvious ;)
      So sex and beer = good Valentine's day for a guy? Haha

    • Sounds good o me. I don't do k but lots of people do. So fave food or drink and sex. I'd be happy and so should he lol

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  • What about like $10? You could get him a nice homemade meal, a small bouquet, candies, a card, make bacon roses, or any other number of things on a small budget. just something thoughtful like @abzence said.