Girls, whats the best way to approach a girl?

please tell me the truth


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  • It depends on whether you know the girl or not, or if you don't know her how often you see her.. If it's someone you do know, get to know them a bit better and try and judge whether they are interested in you... Do a google search for signs a girl is interested.. if you get the feeling they are then ask them to join you for a drink/coffee/lunch. whether you ask them in person/by text/social media is your call. If it's someone who you don't actually know but see around at work/college/local shop regularly then it's probably best to look for signals that she's interested in you, does she look at you often, does she smile when you smile at her, give out hints that you're interested in her, just say hi and take it from there... If it is someone you have just laid eyes on for the first time I probably wouldn't recommend approaching them unless they are giving out clear signals they are interested.

  • I prefer to be formally introduced by a mutual acquaintance in public. Then, you can present one of your calling cards to my manservant Alphonse. If no one else is home, you'll be sent away. If someone is home to chaperone, you can sit on the opposite side of the room from me while we make banalities.