Can you believe this?

I met a guy while travelling a year ago. I visited him twice and he visited me once. Then, it kinda seemed to fizzle out... mostly because of his poor communication. Im not naive enough to think he hasn't been seeing other girls. But we were never offical so... yknow what can i say. Anyway, Im going back to where he lives for work next month, and yesterday he commented on my Insta calling me his beautiful lady. And that he can't wait to see me. Im so confused as to why a guy that im not technically with, is tryin to claim me on social media. If any other guy sees that they'll assume im with this guy. I haven't responded, cos i just dont get what he wants from me. Why might a guy do this?


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  • Because he wants to penetrate you!


What Girls Said 1

  • He made that comment because he considers you attractive and he wants to have sex with you. There is nothing more to it.