So its not an emergency just needed a catchy title and a little bit of help.
So i have a boyfriend, but recently I have come to terms with myself that i've caught feelings for one of my very close friends (guy).
We have been friends for ages, pretty close, he makes me feel alive and pushes me, I love who he is as a person and he would probably freak if he knew I felt like this about him now, because I have a boyfriend.
This friend of mine liked me ages ago and I didn't take it up and I recently had a dream about him and these feelings started. I just feel like i connect with him a lot and dont know what to do because I do love my boyfriend to bits but we have started and stopped our relationship three times now and I feel confused...


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  • I hate really saying anything or giving advice on other peoples relationships because I think those who are in the relationship should know it all better and what they want to do. So I say, just do what you want and feel. It's over with your current boyfriend if you two want it to be over. Don't let anyone else decide for yourself. You sound still young anyway to be in relationship. But, do what you want.

    • Thankyou for your opinion x

  • Your relationship with your current boyfriend is already over. It lacks passion and enthusiasm. You should break up with him, take some time to heal and then attempt to hit on your friend.

    • Thankyou for your opinion x