Is he holding back or is he playing me? HELP?

So, i've met this guy on Tinder. (I know) We've been talking everyday for 3 weeks now non stop. He tells me he thinks i'm pretty and lovely and the type of girl that he wants to be with. He seems to tick all of the boxes for me as well so that aspect seems great. However, whenever i (and it's always me) brings up meeting up he'll say 'i'll meet you soon' or 'i'm not holding back i will see you' but he never sets a date or says when?
Why is this?
I asked him why he's holding back and he said 'i'm not there's no rush is there? i will see you i promise'. I kind of feel like that's not a good enough answer. Why won't he meet me if he says he likes me? It seems weird to carry on talking when i don't even really know what he looks like.

So can i get a guys opinion is it worth continuing to talk to him? Or is he just playing me?
or girls has this ever happened to you and how did you deal with it?

thank you!


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