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So my boyfriend and I have been dating for a year. Our relationship is difficult I guess I can say but we make it work. I work Monday through Fridays and his schedule is 4 days on and 4 days off. We live approximately 45 mins from each other. It gets hard cause sometimes I'll go a week with out seeing it. I love the guy but sometimes I just feel hurt. He doesn't comfort me as much anymore. He recently started online college so his time is full. I stay the night with him when he's off when I'm off. I live with my parents still. Every time I tell him I'm stressed out and I want to move out he says I'll get there don't worry. I live paycheck to paycheck so moving out on my own is not an option and I don't have friends really that are reliable with payments. But any who, I don't know why he doesn't want me to move in with him. He has his own house. I know it's a year but maybe at the two year mark. But he avoids talking about it seems and it hurts maybe he does not want to see me everyday. Move on and start out lives finally together. What do you guys think? Am I overreacting? Or is he just not wanting me to move in? I try not to base my relationships off other but most people today in America move in with their boyfriends and girlfriends after a few months. I've always wanted to move in with a guy and start my life. But my boyfriend doesn't want to it seems. I love him but I don't know what to think. Its it the end or not. Any advice will be helpful and ease my mind. Help?


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  • are you the one always initiating things? it seems like he doesn't want to spend more time than what you're already spending. give him some space and see if he says anything

    • Initiating things? Hmm I think its half. We have so much space between us what more could he want? he's also not spontaneous like he used to be. When I had a bad day at work he would come to the gym where I worked out and bring me roses. He doesn't do that anymore. When Im stressed out he's like "I'm sorry. It'll get better dont worry " like that doesn't help at all. Me I like attention and he doesn't do it as much anymore. Once in a while I would like a small gift you know, Just a sign you care. He doesn't do that. I buy him more things then he buys me. I know it's not about the things but it's the littlest things that mean the most. I just don't thinks are clicking. Were sexually attracted to each other but sometime I think is it the sex keeping us together?

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    • you're still very young so have fun and enjoy life

    • you're welcome :) send me PV message I wanna tell you something

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  • You've been dating for a year but it doesn't sound likeyou spend a whole lot of time together, so chances are he's just not quite at that point yet where he is comfortable with you moving in. That is a really big step.

  • Well it is only a year... maybe he wants to get to know you better... and wants his own space