Anyone have a trick to fix chapped lips fast?

I have a girl that I'm seeing coming over in two hours and I noticed my lips are super chapped and rough from the weather. I just put a ton of aquaphor on them hoping that will help. Does anyone else have any suggestions?


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  • I put an obnoxious amount of chapstick on them and keep them chapsticked 24/7 but that only heals them in like 2 days.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I greatly appreciate it.

  • okay so what you do is get your tooth brush and put toothpaste on it just a little and brush your lips that well get rid of the dry skin but after you do this your lips will fell super tight so put on some chapstick. you can just look up exfoliating lips and it will give you a bunch of recipes and tricks to help you out. that should make it better.


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  • 18-24 and you've never heard of chapstick?

    • 18-24 and wasting your time answering a question you don't care about. Shouldn't you know better?