How would you define a clingy girl?

I like a guy but I don't wanna seem to clingy to a guy. What should I avoid to do to make a guy think I'm clingy?


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What Guys Said 2

  • anyone that doesn't give space really - It's good to want to spend time with a guy but he needs to be able to go out with some mates without you some times. The other things is don't mess around with his friendships, it's fine to disapprove of some of his mates, it's even fine to tell him that but never tell him who he can and can't hang out with.
    Everything else is just normal space shit - don't show up at his workplace uninvited, don't try to get him to change plans or guilt trip him for being busy, just basic politeness tbh

  • Expect him to spend all his free time with you.
    Holding onto his arm everywhere he goes.
    Questioning where he has been if he was not with you.
    Following every social media he's got and saying something about it.,


What Girls Said 1

  • Think of your life as a pie graph. Make sure that your boyfriend is only a part of that pie and not the whole thing. In other words, don't obsess. Keep your hobbies, your friends, focus on your education and make sure you spend time with your family. If your boyfriend becomes your whole "pie" then you are obsessing and if you are obsessing it is not only unhealthy for you but your relationship will either come to an end because he will feel like you are suffocating him or he will take advantage of your willingness to do anything for him.