Is he actually interested or just curious?

My old co worker and I matched on Tinder this morning. He immediately messaged me to say hello. When we worked together, I heard that he had a crush on me but he never acted on it and I was in a relationship at the time. We exchanged numbers and he texted me a little and then stopped. He had asked me things like why I swiped right for him and what I was looking for. I'm wary because I'm not sure how to tell if he's genuinely interested or just using this as an ego boost?


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  • why not both? he is probably curious, but that might not be specific for you, if he's on tinder he probably doesn't have much luck in person so he'll want to know what 'sold' him to you. That said he could well be interested, he's a guy, if he fancied you at some point, unless you did something really bitchy or gross, he'll almost definitely be up for a relationship - bar external factors


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  • He might be curious in order to get to know you better.


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  • Why he swiped right for you? I don't get that part.

    • No why I swiped right for him

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    • So on tinder you can swipe their profile right if you like someone and swipe it left if you don't like them. If you swipe right on each others profiles then it's a match. He wanted to know why I swiped his profile right

    • Oh okay. Well, it could be for an ego boost or something or maybe he lost interest in some way.

  • I think he's just curious. Wants to know your intentions


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