Should I trust my friend + I like the guy he's in love with her?

So, there's a guy who is crazy about my friend (who is in a relationship) but she has always told me she doesn't like him at all and she wants to leave her alone. Last night we had a hangout with our group of friends and this guy begun to talk to me, but she kept interrupting us, she did everything to stop the conversation. Then I found out she had a argument with him because she thought he flirted with me, but it wasn't, so she got jealous. Then she kept lying to me. I don't understand her at all, it's not the first time she does this and I don't know if I should trust her anymore. The thing is that I kinda like this guy but I can't do anything because he likes her a lot. She lied to me about a guy I liked a lot before and she cheated multiple times on her boyfriend. Any advices? Thanks xx


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  • I don't think it's much you can do about your friend. You can still be friends with her. But I wouldn't trust her to much with stuff like secrets or guys you like etc. I think she was jealous and since she lied it violates the trust bond between you and her.


What Girls Said 1

  • Middle school drama. She doesn't like the dude, yet she wants him to only pay attention to her.

    Stop being her friend. As for the dude, give up, he doesn't like you. He likes her and I doubt there is anything you can do about it.