He has a girlfriend, how do I stop this going further?

So I met this guy a few months ago who happens to be the brother of one of my close friends (meaning he is impossible to avoid). I was introduced to both him and his girlfriend and since then have been on a few group nights out when she hasn't been there. Everytime we are out together he is very flirtacious towards me and I'm not gonna pretend I don't flirt back but he always iniates it. The last time I saw him he kissed me, twice and there was some inappropriate touching. I don't want to be involved in this situation at all, but I am very attracted to this guy and after a few drinks my judgement goes out the window. He has made it clear that if he didn't have a girlfriend something would have happened between us. Am I better off avoiding going out when he will be there? Or do I confront him about it and tell him to stop? Really I am just looking for an answer on how to avoid this going any further despite a part of me wanting me and him to happen.


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  • He's a douche. If you are valuable and I really wanted to have a relationship with you, then he would let you know and he would split up with his girlfriend. Instead he isn't. This means this guy is essentially a cheater and that won't change for the rest of his life. So you are probably smart to avoid him. However your social life shouldn't have to suffer because of him so you need to be adamant to not get involved and turn him down whenever he might be amorous towards you. Alternatively, only go out when his girlfriend is out also. Under no circumstances, hook up with this guy even if he breaks up with his girlfriend. He is just an example of a bad boy who will give you grief in the long run.


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  • I would avoid him. You could confront him but it doesn't mean he's going to change his behaviour. You shouldn't have to avoid going out and having fun with your friends when they go out as a group, but if you do and he is there, I'd suggest you refrain from drinking any alcohol to keep your mind clear and keep you from caving to his behaviours. there's nothing wrong with still liking him, that might never go away, but always keep in mind what he is doing to you, as well as how he is treating his girlfriend. He is having his cake and eating it to. I was on the girlfriend side of this kind of situation before, and the guy I was with slept with the other girl. I let him know what a douche bag he really was and walked away from that. Guys like that usually never learn, and they think they can always get away with it.

  • Meh.

    I'm more wondering why would you wanna figure it out? He has a crush on you or interest in you? He has a girlfriend and no matter how did e stare at you, it doesn't matter and will go nowhere , better to ignore him no matter what's behind that.

    Don't let his flirting back convince you that he has feelings for you. He obviously likes his girlfriend more. Sometimes guys are flirtatious by nature and they may not even realize they are flirting. Never go anywhere with him alone.

    There's a good chance you'll do something that is going to hurt you later and make you think he does like you. Never ever make advances towards him. Even if it turns out that he could like you too, this is disrespectful to him and yourself.