Do interests have to match up in a serious relationships?

I've read some relationship posts online that say "it's alright even if one of you prefers hiking while the other would rather watch tv all day", or something to that degree.

I don't get it though. Why is that alright? Why would a couple choose to continue dating one another, if say they find out within the first few dates that their interests are quite different?

wouldn't it make more sense to move off and find someone else whose interest match yours more accurately?

My question is: Why would you continue to see someone who is so different from you? Wouldn't it make more logical sense to find someone who likes the same things as you?


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  • Not always, but I tend to prefer people with similar interests as me. My brother and sister-in-law are basically opposites in every way in terms of interests, but they make it work, and they have been happily married for years. So it's different from relationship to relationship.


What Girls Said 2

  • "it's alright even if one of you prefers hiking while the other would rather watch tv all day",

    That's a big difference. (Especially since it's more of "all day' thing and I cannot put up with that.

    • It's more of a "rather do", so it doesn't necessarily mean the person always does that but that compared to hiking, he/she would rather watch tv all day

    • Hmm, I still don't think I will be cool with it. I would want someone a bit more into outdoor stuff.

  • It depends on the sacrifices people are willing to make. If for example your differences are not that many, it's easier to compromise. Plus, it's better if your whole life doesn't revolve around your partner and the activities you share together. It's nice to do things on your own from time to time. But if the differences are way more than the similarities, then sure, I agree with you.