Advise needed? Do I tell her I have a date lined up?

A shy girl friend zoned me and recently we are communicating more frequently. I am meeting her for a coffee during the week. Should I tell her I have a date lined up. Just getting the odd mixed signal. it may not matter as she says we're friends at same time she lead me up garden path a bit.


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  • If you are good friends maybe just be honest because otherwise it sounds like you are playing games.

    • Yeah true and if she wants more than encourages her to come out of her shell.

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  • So you are in the friend zone and you are just friends. I wouldn't tell her you are going on a date since she might decide not to go because you are friends and friends don't date. Just say it's a hangout or meet up or coffee break or whatever. something which tells her that you are hanging out as friends then she won't get freaked out.

    that's what you tell her, but when you are actually on the 'date' just act like it is actually a proper date. So be charming and escalate sexually and try to break the friend zone barrier without her knowing it. If she feels uncomfortable just take a step back and try again later. Try to act like a boyfriend and make her feel that way without actually expressing your intentions. She might be guessing the whole way as to whether you are trying to date her, but she won't have anything concrete because you didn't tell her. That way she still thinks you must be friends and before you know it she starts to like you that way and actually start dating.