Why do guys on dating apps think I'm ugly?

For some reason some guys on dating apps (like meetme) thing I'm ugly, like they never say it but when I message them they don't reply back, so that's the only explanation I can think of :( I mean I know I'm not the best looking person especially since I don't really wear makeup a lot but I thought I was at least average looking.
how can I be better looking?


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  • Show us the pics u use on your dating profile (post links on your update)


Most Helpful Girl

  • If they have an issue with your appearance they can go for a long walk off a short pier. Their opinions are not important. Do YOU like how you look? Because your opinion is the only one that matters.


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  • Because on tinder, There are wayy many options so its kinda easier to choose hotter one besides I don't know what u look like so csnt tell


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe it could be certain things you say. Guys want women who they can have intelligent conversation with. Sometimes your look is bonus. You want the bullshit answer , eat healthy work out think positive its true, but carry yourself well. Like dress over the top like you have interview or your going somewhere fancy. But looks aren't much if you can't speak intelligently and have elegance.