He's confusing me?

This guy who went ghost on me about a year ago messaged me after seeing me at a get together saying he had been wanting to talk to me since last year. He was overhwleming me with sooo many messages that said things along the lines of having feelings for me and how im special cause he never likes anybody blah blah blah. It kinda made me uncomfortable how personal he was being and how he was dumping all of this on me. I was hesitant at first cause he hurt me before but he seemed sincere, going as far as saying he understood why I would be afraid and owning up to what he did. I gave him a chance and hung out with him. He messaged me the next morning saying he loved seeing me. I told him I felt the same... It's been a week and he's going ghost on me again. what the heck? Can someone maybe give me their opinion on this? Why would he be all over me and then just dissapear?


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  • Poor guy... he should stop talking to you honestly


What Girls Said 1

  • I've had many guys pull this. He is not serious about you. If a guy wants to be with you, he WILL be with you.
    Do not contact him. Let him contact you. Just remember: he is NOT your priority.