Went on a first date and things got sexual. I asked her if she thought we could work out relationship wise and she said she felt conflicted?

Did I screw up? If so is there a chance things can work out? Its been a day more or less and I haven't texted her yet... also she hasn't texted. She did admit to having a good time and complimented me but as soon as I asked about her intentions things got awkward. Her rationale being a gut feeling of uneasiness.


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  • You might not have even done anything, she may have just been having doubts about how she feels about you. If anything, you may have asked her too early and that put her off. If you mentioned it after you had sex... then yeah, that's not the most appropriate moment you could've brought it up. You'll just have to wait and see what she decides she wants.

    • Thanks. Should I text her or wait for her to text me?

    • Wait for her to text you, it hasn't been too long anyway.

    • Ok, will do and thanks again :)

  • Oh for goodness sake, that's just weak and ridiculous. Do you know anything about her relationship history? Is she recently getting over someone? Maybe the sex wasn't as good as you thought? It could be any number of reasons but she wasn't conflicted when she got under you. Cut your losses and save yourself the torture.

    • Yes, I agree with you thanks for your opinion :)

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  • It sounds like she mainly wanted your body and not a relationship.

    • you're probably right man thanks for your opinion.

    • Yw :) You probably already knew that. That's all some girls want.