My boyfriend just broke up with me but we are going on vacation?

Long story short my boyfriend of 9 months just broke up with me a week before our trip to the Caribbean. I think it is very odd that we are both still going but in a weird way I think it will be good for us to talk about everything or to hash it out. He broke up with me due to personal and self-esteem issues. I have been in this situation before where you have plans with someone and then you have to cannel because you do not want to go with someone who just hurt you or you just hurt. So why would he still want to go with me? Why didn’t he just wait one more week before breaking up with me? I have some idea and opinions but it is always nice to get an outsiders opinion too.


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  • I think he did the right thing if you don't want to be with someone it's best to tell them not matter what holiday, trip, anniversary is coming up. I don't know why he wants to go with you still other than to not waste money if the trip is nonrefundable.


What Girls Said 1

  • Because you already planned it. He doesn't want to screw up the vacations he planned. My friend's ex did the exact same thing.