Some discomfort brought on by being honest from the start can save a lot of pain down the road... true or false?

If you hide a secret for a long time instead of telling your partner right away, it will only cause them more pain because the truth will eventually come out. it is better to be up front with them from the start, even if it is uncomfortable to tell them. (for example, cheating)

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  • Especially when it comes to cheating. Not telling your partner that you cheated is doing them more harm as every day in your broken relationship that they spend is a day wasted. They have the right to know right away so that they could decided on whether to rightfully dump you or give you a second chance.


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  • It's best to have full honesty. Then the other person will know exactly what they're getting and are able to accurately decide if things will work for them or not.


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  • I do believe in being completely honest. But you need to have the right timing. You dont want to drop a bombshell of a secret on your SO when they are under the weather. Do it when they can hear what you have to say and think about it with a clear mind.

  • It's definitely better to be truthful from the beginning especially if it something like cheating.


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