Is it bad to want to send slightly provocative pictures when you are in a relationship?

Okay, so I'm 15 and i like sending pictures where my cleavage or legs look good. I had a thing where me and two really close friends who are dating would send a few revealing pictures over snapchat but i got a boyfriend today. I want to keep sending pictures (including to him). Am i a terrible person?


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  • If you're in a serious relationship, you shouldn't send pics to other guys. 15 is VERY young so make sure you're not including a face shot along with these boobs... that goes for ANY guy. Best advice: don't send any provocative pics to anyone.

    • We started dating today, we've been talking for a while. I'm pretty careful. I don't show nipples, and the most i show down there is my underwear


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  • you shouldn't send provocative pictures to other guys if you have a boyfriend. I mean at 15 I don't really think you should send provocative pictures at all but if you really really need to, it should only be to your boyfriend.

  • Just be sure not to reveal anything.

    • Oh, and only to your boyfriend you should be sending these