Why do people think this way when dating?

My friend is in a bad realtionship. His girlfriend treats him like crap. They fight often and she leaves for a couple days. They are expecting a kid this summer. My friend wants to sleep with a girl I like. He knows I've got a crush on her. Anyways I've told him two wrongs don't make a right. He's like I don't care. Why is he this selfish and stupid? All he does is complain about her but yet won't break up with her. Why do people think it's ok to do something just cause someone else did some thing to them?


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  • He wants to sleep with the girl your like while his girlfriend is expecting a child?
    Wtf, that's crazy as hell. With such friends who needs enemies?
    Why do you keep that douchebag around you?


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  • People act impulsively and ignore the big picture. He probably don't wanna leave her cause he's got a kid on the way. Now, sleeping with the girl you like is just fucked up.