How to handle jealousy?

I been dating this guy for a couple of months now, and it bothers me when girls flirt with him especially when I've had a few drinks, I notice I get more upset than usual. For instance the other night I had family and friends over for a get together. Everyone was drinking and one of the girls I'm friendly with who I know through one of my friends used to have a thing for him. They never talked or did anything with each other but the other night if I walked away she would start a conversation with him. Also my aunt came with her single friend who's in her late 40s and she has a thing for younger guys. Every time she's around him she finds any chance she can to make a comment like "you look" good or have you been working out and every time it happens I feel like it bothers me to the point where I begin to get angry and I take it out on him when it's not his fault. I just don't want to loose him over my jealousy but I know it would bother anyone if the person when the one your dating is in the room with other people who flirt with him/her in front of your face.


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  • Jealousy is basic human emotion and yes that can be dangerous as well and can spoil/destroy relationships easily.

    There is no easy solution to it, however what I can say is jealousy is directly connected to insecurities that a person has, so if the person is more insecure the more they feel jealous of others, hence one way to handle jealousy is by making yourself more and more secure, by increasing your confidence and also unnecessarily comparing yourself with others should also not take place.

    If the person is highly confident and they know who they are and what they want, then they will naturally be very secure with themselves so jealousy has no place there. Hence there are ways to handle your jealousy, however it will require effort on your part.

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  • Jealousy is a horrible trait! It pushed me away from a lot of girls. Why dont you trust him. Who cares bout girls flirting (prolly just talking) with him. Be proud he is yours right. Act crazy and he will be someone elses!

  • Tell the person that it is bothering you, they will understand


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