Any experience on dating/hooking up with a recent divorcée?

I am considering the prospect of potentially initiating/hooking up with a woman whom is going through a divorce and I was hoping to hear from folks to share some insight into what types of things to expect/look out for when considering t a person who is either going through a divorce or had recently gone through one and what your experience was like? Stop now and run for the hills? Keep it casual at most?


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  • Make sure that she doesn't have seven kids from three different husbands because then you know she's just with you for money.

    • Hahahaha for sure. She only has one kid and just the one husband.

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    • Yes, I'm quite positive. I've known her for quite some time. And I'm not sure, she's going through it still.

    • Yeah. Stay away from that. Bound to be drama.

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