How can I approach a girl I don't know at college?

there's really this cute girl that i am dying to talk to but i am always hesitant and intimidated what is the best way to approach her?


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  • #1 Use your legs. It helps you walk from one place to another. Use these "legs" to walk to her direction and make sure you stay at least 2 feet away from her.

    #2 When you see her, look at her face, and tell her, "You have something on her face." And when she wipes it away, tell her that, "She has a lot of cute".

    3) When she smiles, introduce yourself and tell her that you wanted to talk to her for awhile and ask for her name and what class she's taking.

    When i was growing up, we called that a "conversation" and it was before all of this twitter ruined everything.


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  • Be genuine and sincere. Forget all the pick up lines and macho bullshit first off.
    Walk up to her and say something like... Hi, I saw you from over there (pointing to where you were) and I just wanted to come over and say hi to you. She will smile and start talking. It's really that easy. Then say "my name's xxxxxx" and hold you hand out to shake hers

    • is it that simple?

    • Yes it really is. Don't do any of the stupid pick up lines. Women like a guy to just be direct and honest.

  • Talk about the class or anything you may have in common. If she wants to talk to you, talk to her again if you see her often.


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  • you gotta give more information.

    • there's not any mutual friends we study in the same university that's it what shall i do?

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    • thanks mate :)

  • hey hun im an upgrade from the last guy

  • This is the problem with fucking women... always playing some mind games... unapproachable... disgusting personality...