Went on a date with a girl. Now she is acting strange. Am I overthinking things?

To make a long story short I went on a date with one of my co workers. She is really pretty, and is friendly with everyone. we connect well and get along great, so I thought why not ask her on a date, so I did. She had something going on the day I originally had planned, so we rescheduled for the following Thursday to go bowling and get an ice cream. While on the date everything went great (or so it seemed) she asked questions looked at me in the eyes, and we had a great time. The car broke down while on the date and I showed her I could handle it by being calm, and figure things out. Her brother ended up having to get her from the venue but we hugged and later that night she sent a message thanking me for the adventurous night and that she hoped I got home safely, she also told me she was impressed with how calmly I handled the situation with the car, and said she would have a doctor pepper for me at work, because I won a bet, but she is now acting shy towards me at work. She still waved hi to me, but when we were in the break room together she didn't say very much to me, and was on her phone. I am worried because I don't want to lose her friendship, and I am not sure how she feels about me. I know I shouldn't assume too much yet, and may be overthinking things. What do you guys think, and what should I do?


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  • Its best to be direct, polite, and ask, "If i did anything wrong to you, I am sorry. And if you're not interested in me or you're seeing someone else, that's totally fine because i enjoy your friendship. Just seems you've been distant with me."

    Something like that... and she'll tell you whats up.


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  • Yes, you are overthinking things.

    Calm down and keep cool.

    Your and her troubled vibes are gonna ruin things.

    Remain calm and just talk to her.

  • Dude let it go don't get hung up over her. Go on dates with multiple girls. Be s free man there's millions of girls out there

  • Maybe she's busy or something came up? Email or text her about catching up for coffee or something - that way you're not putting any pressure on her!