Does he like me? why won't he text me?

about a month ago i hungout with this guy i like, we went out for coffee, and he kissed me when he dropped me off. We texted for a couple days after but he was only responding with one word answers, and eventually he just stopped responding, as the conversation died. Regrettably, when i was drunk this past weekend i texted him asking him how he's doing, he said he's good. I asked him when he comes home from school and he said in a month and that we should hangout when he does return home. i offered to visit him at school but he declined my offer saying that he's in the middle of midterms and is too busy. Do you think he likes me? am i being too clingy? why won't he text me first? helpppp!


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What Guys Said 1

  • You are not clingy, For me it is important that my partner asks and cares about me. I would say that you should surprise visit him. If he really likes who he will be happy. Good luck and follow your heart t'is all we have in this world.


What Girls Said 2

  • The way you describing it, it seems to me that you are into him more than what he is to you. I don't think is clingy to send few messages , is sort of trying to see what the response will be and where this is going. At the moment I am afraid he doesn't seem too interested

  • um no he does not. this same thing happened to me. he was only using me for sex.