Why do people stare at us?

I'm an Indian guy dating a Japanese woman. people give us cold stares in public. I get stares from Whites, Blacks, Asians, and Indians. why do they act like this?

the Asian and White girls also ask her WTF is she doing with me.


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  • People are just prejudiced a-holes. Maybe they're weirded out by an interracial relationship where neither person is white.
    I don't see what the big deal is, both ethnicities on the same continent. Those two Eastern cultures aren't that far apart.


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  • This is a VERY unusual couple as far as interracial dating goes. There's nothing at all wrong with your relationship but people will look because it's so rare. They're probably asking themselves "Are they dating?". Not that it's any of their business. If you saw a blue fox running through a forest, you'd stare and think "Is that a f!@#ing blue fox?". Same thing.

    The people asking why she is with you are just ignorant, Just pity them and move on with your life.


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