My date texted me 3 days after. Is he into me?

Long story short, I had an amazing first date with a doctor on Saturday evening. We had a great time together and I felt a lot of chemistry for him. He suggested that we meet again on the Tuesday when he was off work and even asked me what I'd like to do on the day.

We said goodbye and then I didn't heat from him at all until today (Wednesday) where he asked how I was doing and what I was up to.

Does it sound like he might be into me or not? The fact that I didn't hear from him for 3 days made me think that he wasn't into me or that I was a second option.


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  • When a guy makes plans for the next date (gives actual day, not a generic "sometime") at the end of the last one, it's a pretty good indication he wants another date. As a doctor, I'm thinking his time is pretty limited so getting back to you is a great sign. Three days is some "unspoken rule " about when a guy calls or texts, no idea why, so he's within those parameters as well.

    All told, it sounds like he is interested in date #2. Enjoy!

    • Thanks for your input. Yeah, I know he is quite busy. He only has two days off during the week. Let's hope so :-)