I asked a guy friend to see Deadpool with me and bought the tix. If he suggests food should I offer to split the check?


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  • This isn't a date, so yeah, you should split. Even if it was a date, you should always offer to split, it's up to him whether he wants to pay for you too, or not.

    • Even though I'm paying for the movie?

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    • Yes, but hopefully it might be something more. I mean, when you ask out a female friend you don't know if it's going to become a relationship. You ask them out and hope for the best, right?

    • I mean it's not like you specify "I'm asking you out on a date" when you ask them to see a movie with you. You just say, "Do you want to see this movie with me?" So I'm hoping maybe he'll realize that I'm interested. We don't hang out normally.

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  • Yes. He's your guy friend. Of course you should offer to split the check.

    • Even though I'm paying for the movie? I don't want to seem so desperate I'll pay for everything or set a precedence of it, like he never has to buy if we keep seeing each other. See what I mean?

    • If he's a good person, he will offer to pay for you since you already paid for the tickets.


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  • If you'd like to split the bill that's fine. Hopefully he'll be willing to pay the full bill since you bought both tickets. Maybe order something inexpensive though just to be safe.

  • You can always offer even if he wants to pay for the meal


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