Girls& Guys! What to do when the trust is gone?

I've been dating this guy for some time now, and I just feel like I can't trust him anymore. He has more female friends than make friends, he's always liking or comment on female pictures and that bothers me. Although we aren't in a relationship I still believe it's certain things you don't do while dating someone you claim you love.

Ladies have you ever been dealing with someone and started losing trust? How did you handle it?

Guys if somebody you're dating but you care about and tell her you love her daily come out and tell you she's losing trust in you from your actions how would you respond?

please can y'all help me out!


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  • It is like pulling down a house. What do you do next? Build again, and make sure you do not pull it down.


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  • I think you sound a bit too insecure. Men and women should be allowed to interact with other men and women, especially on SOCIAL media, even if they're in a relationship. Unless they comment something totally crazy like "I wanna fuck you", then I don't see why it would be upsetting. And just because he has a lot of female friends it doesn't automatically mean he'll cheat.
    Also I don't really understand how he can claim that he "loves" you despite the two of you not even being in an official relationship yet?
    But in general, if you don't trust someone, then there's no point in being with them. Relationships are built on trust and communication. Otherwise it won't work.

    • He hit a financial rock when he lost his business, prior to him losing that we were on the verge of making that commitment of being in a relationship. Now his goal is getting himself back on track so he'll be able to give me all his attention. But as far as interacting I think there's a limit when you post flirtatious emojis that's a bit much

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    • The emoji with that tongue out... like no not expectable in my book

    • ... the :p emoji is not flirty 😑

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  • I think interacting with others on social media is okay; but he should give you the exact same amount of attention if not more. Guys don't like being restricted, so allow him to do what he does, but if you really feel you cannot deal with this and think he might be screwing around, then there is no reason to continue dating. End it, otherwise you might end up in a situation which could've been avoided. If his comments on their pictures are just friendly then I really don't think you have that much to worry about. Be confident in yourself. Make him realize why it would be at his best interest to be with you. Make him want to be with you. Confidence is key, even if you fake it in the beginning, later on you'll be naturally confident and comfortable and more secure about your relationship.

  • If you can't trust a guy its pretty much over.

  • Break it off with him. A relationship can't go very far without trust and he's not going to just stop associating with his friends because you don't like that they're females.