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I've been talking to this guy I met online for almost a month now, and we hit it off almost immediately. Within the first week of talking he said that he deleted his online profile (which he did) because he said he felt like we connected really well and that he didn't need to meet anyone else, because he liked me. Well, the past 3+ weeks have been pretty good, and he's asked me if I would like to have kids someday, how many, where I would like to live, and then he also said that if we were to ever have sex and I got pregnant, that he would stay by my side through it all.. And then he said that he had a dream that he got a house and asked me to move in and I did. He said he hopes it will happen someday. He's also told me that I'm on his mind all the time and he just wants to be mine, and he wants to see me. (We live an hour from each other) and then on February 5th we were texting and he said "I can't take it anymore I want you" and I told him that it would be alright, and that I wasn't going anywhere, he had nothing to worry about. He said "Good, because I am not going anywhere" and then he said "So, do you want to be mine?" and then he said "Do you want to be my girl?" and I said yes. Well, we texted a little bit the next day and that was the last time I heard from him. 5 days ago. I did text him on Monday though (Feb. 8th) saying "Hey, good morning :)" But I didn't hear anything back from him and I noticed he wasn't on Facebook at all that day either, like he usually is, so I just figured that he was busy. But I still haven't heard anything from him in 5 days and he is usually the one who texts first. Within the past 5 days he has liked basically all of my Facebook posts including my profile picture.. So I'm just confused.. Why is he liking my stuff but not texting me? Should I wait for him to text me, or should I text him first? Maybe he's waiting for me to text him, but he usually texts me first? Any advice is appreciated! :)


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  • i think you give him some time and space but if he doesn't text you or call or what ever just end it by the way (you can't fall in love with someone you met online for a month maybe he just felt that way and it didn't mean anything i don't know it's my opinion i hopr it helps take care friend )


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  • I think you should just wait until he decides that he's ready to text you , you did your part by texting the other day and you got nothing back in return so the best thing to do now is just wait. The liking your post on Facebook and not sending you anything kinda still puzzles me but hey when he does decided to text you, speak of that to him and ask him why it took him so long to respond to you...

  • Please use Enters xD it's unpleasant to read :(

    And... wtf that guy is RUSHING. I know that it's romantic and stuff, but I think it is a bit too soon to talk about marriage, moving in and having kids xD.. a week?

    But yeah.. it's really suspicious that he doesn't reply back, yet likes your posts. If I were you... I'd not text him back until he DOES

  • Have you tried... calling?

  • if youve never texted him first then yes you should otherwise you got catfished

  • wait.


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