What is this guy problem?

He made it clear to me 'that we are not compatible'. And he sees me more as a friend. But in the meanwhile i totally forgot about him after a couple a months and he got pissed so he put his name in his status ''so that i know who he is'. He called me a whore for letting him go and choosing another man while he CLEARLY made his choice by choosing an unattractive girl to be his girlfriend... why should i chase him then? I wasn't good enough for him, he would undermine everything i wanted to become, while he does support his new girlfriend with her dreams, he would doubt me all the time. He DID say i was the most beautiful girl he has ever had but why wasn't i good enough then? i didn't treated him bad.


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  • Who knows why. Just completely ignore him and find someone else. He had his chance and blew it


What Girls Said 2

  • I think he wanted his ego boosted by you continuing to chase him, after he pretty much closed the door on you. I think he's probably used to women reacting that way.
    When they do, it gives him all of the power.
    Since you were quickly able to gather yourself and move on, he's throwing a tantrum because you didn't react the way he expected.
    He feels less important.
    His power is taken from him.
    I think you should just ignore this guy and his immature antics.

    • Im just dissappointed because i liked him, but all he was searching for was women who would make his life ''fun'' like more fun, he is a doctor and thought women are for entertaiment

  • Ignore him, dude's a psychopath.