Why didn't he break up with me?

I accsued my boyfriend of cheating on me, when I turned out to be wrong. I first started off by telling him that I was breaking up with him, and he asked me why. And I told him why, I thought that I couldn't trust him & that he was cheating on me. (I'm not going to go into detail on why I thought he was cheating.)

But anyways, he explained himself. And it went on and he later on said he wasn't going to get mad if I broke up with him. And I felt HORRIBLE when I found out that I was wrong. Because I knew in my heart that he was a good guy. But I kept hearing things... and I didn't know what to do. So I just went with what my brain was telling me and I accused him of cheating.

And I apologized to him A LOT and I couldn't explain how terrible I felt for doing that to him, or how sorry I was. I also told him that I wasn't going to break up with him.

He wasn't mad at me though. And I told him that I didn't blame him if he was going to break up with me.

And he told me that he wasn't going to. And that he forgave me, & that we all make mistakes. And so he didn't break up with me. I mean I don't get why he didn't break up with me though, I mean yeah I know he forgave me. But if I was him I would have broken up with me. Because who likes being accused of cheating? Why did he not break up with me? When I deserved to be broken up with...

Why did he not break up with me?



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  • There's this thing some people like to do in relationships and life in general that revolves around forgiveness.


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  • He didn't break up with you because he loves you, even though you accused him of cheating. He decided to forgive you in order to give your relationship another chance.


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  • Never accuse, without proof


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  • Because he forgave you. I think instead of wondering about that you should be happy he didn't.