What are some ways to figure out if what he say is true?

Went on two dates with this guy. He says he's looking a relationship. First date no contact only a hug. Second date was the movies i let him kiss me. But he was very strong on wanting to hold my hand. He opens the doors for me and pays for the dates. But he's trying to send hints that he wants to come over my place. I think he's just trying to get some. It still seems early but this is what is coming across my mind. What can i do to make sure? What do u guys think so far


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  • Spend more time to get to know him and see how long he's satisfied with that. If he keeps on insisting on coming to your house and seems frustrated that you want to wait then you'd know he's just after sex.

  • Tell him he isn't getting any and you'd prefer to meet up in public for the time being. If he flips out you have your answer.