Im dating this guy but he is talking to other girls, acceptable?

we are not a couple yet. I dont want to look clingy so im being cool that he is actively chatting with other girls. Is this acceptable?

we are sleeping together and he told me he likes spending time with me and pretty much his schedule is always open for me. He never cancelled on me nor said no if i invite him out. Even if he is talking to others, can i assume im his priority? We dont talk everyday by the way.


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  • Yes it is acceptable. If you two haven't talked about being exclusive and agreed to be. Then you're not exclusive

    • Now, since you've had sex and it's been awhile, it would make sense to bring up the talk and define what your relationship is. Because knowing where you stand is important

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    • You don't. Go date other people. He doesn't want to be exclusive.

    • That's not a topic to actually argue about. If that turned into an argument he's likely being emotionally abusive and wants to still sleep with you while doing his own thing with these other girls. Don't waste your time trying to get him to change and settle down with you. It's not going to happen. So either leave him and go see other people. Or sleep with him if you still like the sex and go see other people. Just don't wait for him.

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  • Not acceptable to me.

    • Yes, from a woman's pov it is not acceptable...


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  • Well... if you haven't agreed to be exclusive yet, then yeah, what is is doing is acceptable.

  • Yeah it's acceptable. Of course the women are gonna say it not.


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