What's the difference between going on a date and just "hanging out"?

I asked my friend out on a date, we've been close since starting college 6 months ago. We have hung out plenty of times before, eating alone, going to the gym, watching a movie at her place, etc. But we were just doing that as friends, even though I kind of broke the touch barrier. We would touch knees, I would touch her shoulder sometimes, and one time she rested her head on my shoulder. So we are going on a date in a bit, our first one, and I am really inexperienced with this dating thing whereas she has been on plenty. Do I escalate physical contact? What's appropriate for our "first date?" I don't want it to seem like we are just hanging out, that will probably get me friendzoned.

By the way I am 19 not 29!!!


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  • Going on a date is more formal


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  • Romantic interest (mutual) vs. just hanging out.