Valentine Ditched me now what?

This guy that I been seeing for a while we made plans to go out to night because he works tomorrow night so we can't hangout that day. '

Two hours before we have to get ready to go on our date he calls me telling me he can't go because his job called him asking him to come into work on his off day and he said yes. I told him we had already made these plans your allowed to say no its your off day. He said, "I know but I just have a hard time saying no. He asked me was I mad at him. I told him "You could have said no you already have plans, they can't be made its your off day, plus your working overtime now"

He said what can I do to make it up to you?" I said, "I don’t know"


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  • Show up at his work with a nice lunch and candy hearts and junk.

    You wanted a special Vday thing with this guy, so make it happen.

    Or you can be a passive aggressive cow, hold it against him till he hates you and dumps you because you keep picking fights with him about silly fake holidays.


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  • Surprise him and bring your valentines treats to him at work and tell him you can do a special valentines dinner when he is not working.


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  • That sucks... you should head out with some friends and let him stew on it!

  • Become the barfly you always wanted to be an hit the local watering hole.


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