Girlfriend talking to guy friend a lot more all of a sudden?

She says they have been friends for years now, but about 2 months ago they didn't even talk on social media. Now all of a sudden she's commenting on his posts he is commenting on her posts. They snapchat back and forth, and I keep hearing about him in conversation. Even her family talks about him, and before 2 months ago none of this was happening. It's just such a radical change I don't know how I feel about it. Any advice?


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  • Ask her about it. We can't be certain what goes on your girlfriend's head. If you worry about something, you should voice it to her and based on the answer she gives you, you will understand if it's something worth worrying about.


What Guys Said 1

  • I would take it as a major warning. Don't be dick about it. This may be just her way of saying she isn't getting the attention from you she wants. It may be time to up your game a notch or two before emotions and feelings start to develop which sometimes can't be naturally avoided!