Why do a lot of single people panic about Valentine's Day?

There's always a lot of people that panic because they're single on Valentine's Day. I understand that some people can't handle being alone but why the anxiety? Specifically on Valentine's Day?


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  • Maybe it's just a hard reality reminder that they don't have a significant other. To me, it's just another day. But to some others, like you said they might have anxiety over loneliness and it just hits them harder with all the reminders of "give the gift s/he'll love" or something all over the place.

    • I guess they feel alone or think they feel unappreciated because they have no one to give them anything and vice versa

    • Yes, I think that is highly possible.


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  • I am single and I do not panic at all. My biological family is my valentine. Valentine's Day is not just all about romantic love, but friendship and agape love. Don't you think?

    • Yea, I would think that the day should be spent like any other day with friends and family

    • You can still enjoy Valentine with your girlfriend or wife, but you can celebrate with your family and friends. I am not against your question. I am proud to be single for life.

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  • People are socially and materially competitive. We want what other people have. If the socioeconomic signal is congruent with the identity that person aspires to have, he or she feels inadequate for not having it.

    In other words, being in a relationship is ideal for most people, and Valentine's Day is a test of whether or not you are worthy of having one.

    Is it overrated? Yes, but that's how we operate as a species.

    • That's a first, I've never heard someone say this. You actually made some great points

  • To me, it's just another day.

    • It is another typical day. Some people think the day is more special than all the other holidays